The Villa Asfedilias is located in the beloved village of Pitsidia, in the island of South Crete, Greece. More specifically, the house has the most unexpected view  looking to Komos beach and the most amazing sunset that lets everyone speechless. Moreover, it’s 2 minutes to go in the villa by car from the center of pitsidia and 10 minutes by feet. It is placed in the high peak area of Pitsidia called Asfedilias, surrounded by olive trees.


The villa is 96m2 in size and consists of two big and comfortable bedrooms with one convenient bathroom inside the  bedroom and one more bathroom accessible by all. Furthermore, one big living room to relax and enjoy the sea view from the huge balcony door and a kitchen full equipped with the necessary staff to cook the most inspired food and eat in the dining table. It also contains a large garden loaded of flowers, a BBQ with an outdoor dining area and a swimming pool to relax and laying on the sunbeds. The house is autonomous.



The Villa Asfedilias is located in the beloved village of Pitsidia. It is 5 minutes by car far away from the beautiful beach of Komos, South Crete, and 3km from Matala. The villa was built in 2018 and contains a swimming pool and a huge garden. The family who owns the property will make you feel the Cretan hospitality.

Komos Beach

Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach in Komos and have a drink or something to eat by the sea.