The beach of Agiofarago is located about 80km south of Heraklion city, at the exit of the Gorge Agiofarago. To get there you must either cross the gorge, by easy hiking of about 25-50’, or catch a boat from MatalaAgia GaliniKokkinos Pirgos or Kali Limenes. We definitely recommend the first option, as the route within the vertical walls of the gorge is breathtaking. On the way you will see the large caves were some hermits from Odigitria monastery still live and the chapel of St. Anthony with a small well with brackish water. The beach at the exit of the gorge is stunning, with fine pebbles and clear blue water, which is usually calm. West of the beach a beautiful rocky arch is formed, beneath which you can swim. Vertical cliffs surround the beach. Naturist should be avoided here, as the wider area is one of the most religious places of Crete.

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